DERri ‐ Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure ‐ is a collaborative research project under the European PF7 programme. The project provides external European research communities the opportunity for transnational access to the DERri partners research infrastructures.


DERRI has as its primary objective the further integration of the European Distributed Energy Resources research community through:


  1. Provision of user access to a unique portfolio of important European laboratories in the field of Distributed Energy Resources, focusing mainly system and architectural aspects. These laboratories cover the most relevant themes: integration of different types of DG equipments and their control, storage technologies, Demand Side Management etc.
  2. Implementation of three Joint Research Activities and
  3. Implementation of Networking Activities aimed at strengthening the engagement with researcher and practitioner communities, public officials and the general public.

The organisation in a single infrastructure of a number of facilities working in the same field brings several advantages: a better information quality and diffusion; a single entry point for all potential users with clear and homogeneous procedures; the possibility to have experimental time allocated in the facility more respondent to the specific research needs. The work performed both in the Network Activities and in the Joint Research Activities (the other parts of DERri project) is aimed at reaching similar condition in all the facilities, in term of common procedures, standards and interfaces and at increasing the offer of Transnational access.