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Free of Charge


DERri is supported by the 7th Framework programme of the European Commission. Access and use of the installations is absolutely free of charge for users. All expenses, including travel and accommodation are reimbursable, under the conditions agreed with the hosting infrastructure.






Accordingly with the EC Rules for Transnational Access the following Rules for eligibility of the Users Groups being access yield:

  1. The user group leader and the majority of the users must work in an institution established in a Member State or Associated State*;
  2. The user group leader and the majority of the users must work in a country other than the country(ies) where the legal entity(ies) operating the infrastructure is(are) established.
  3. Only user groups that are entitled to disseminate the foreground they have generated under the project are eligible to benefit from access free of charge to the infrastructure.

* Further information about eligible countries outside the EU can be found here.







After the acceptance, the experimental access time interval will be allocated in the next part of the year, therefore allowing sufficient time for the hosting facility and the user group to agree on the technical and administrative details of the experiment activity



Please note:


As this is the last TA DERri Call, the availability of some Research Infrastructures is limited. Therefore, the new selected projects to be assigned to a Research Infrastructure will be ranked on the basis of the User Selection Committee’s assessment score and, at parity of score, taking into account the order of submission of the application.



More information?


Information about the available research infrastructure can be found (i) at research infrastructure; (ii) at web page of each institute (also available at research infrastructure) or (iii) contacting the project coordinator.





For Partners

DERri Transnational Access Invitation (pdf)


Letter template:

You may freely use and modify this letter template when telling your professional contacts about the DERri Transnational Access.