Research infrastructureTUS-RDS, Bulgaria


TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY of Sofia (TUS) is the largest higher engineering school in Bulgaria with long years of experience in training engineers. In the basis of created in 1945 State Polytechnic, in 1956 renamed into Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1995 was set up the Technical University of Sofia. Fifty five thousand are the engineers who have graduated and with the knowledge and skills acquired here have contributed to the development of Bulgarian industry. The Technical University of Sofia trains specialists in degree engineering courses essential for the industrial development: mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, power generation, transport, automation, computer science and telecommunications, textile engineering, industrial management. TUS participates through its representatives in the activities of many international scientific organizations and TUS has signed cooperation agreements with 42 Schools of Higher Education in 16 countries. The TU Sofia is a large educational and research complex and has multiple educational units, research laboratories with manufacturing facilities, including many unique instruments and other equipment. The mains Faculties related with Energy field are the Faculty of Electronics and Technologies, Faculty of Automatics and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, through their Laboratories and specialists.


THE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SECTOR (R&DS) is a unit of the TU Sofia whose tasks are related to the organization, administration and service of the research activities under contract with the National research  programmes and industry. The TU Sofia R&DS is also engaged in a significant number of international research activities under the auspices of the EU Programmes - TEMPUS, COPERNICUS, ERASMUS,  Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes.