Research infrastructureRISOE, Denmark

Description and scope

Risø DTU is a National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy within the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Risø was established in 1958 as a national energy research facility, but became part of DTU (as Risø DTU) in 2007 with a profile focused on sustainable energy. Risø DTU has a large portfolio of projects in the fields of wind energy, fuel cells, bio energy and energy systems analysis. The research programme "Intelligent Energy Systems" was formed in 2010 in order to concentrate the activities in this field including activities in smart grids. Risø DTU has currently 700 employees and DTU a total of 5000 employees and 6000 students.


Risø DTU is partly financed by base funding through DTU but mainly from national and international research programmes. Risø DTU also has a strong collaboration with companies in the energy sector.


Risø DTU has a long tradition for operating large experimental facilities and is currently operating large facilities in the field of wind energy, fuel cells and intelligent energy systems. Risø DTU has developed and is operating the distributed energy systems experimental facility, SYSLAB. Risø DTU is project lead on the largest Danish project in the field of demand side participation, iPower, with budget on more than 15M Euros.